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Welby Stitch, A Novel By Alan Berry


  • Book Review: One of the funniest novels ever written.

  • Book Review: Funny, clever and very sexy.

  • Book Review: Vile and disgusting. And there’s so much nudity.

Welby Stitch by Alan BerryWelby Stitch is an English comic novel about life and love, and the throbs and yearnings of the warm, soft, delicious parts of our nature. Set in the eighteenth century, it contains most, if not all, of the elements found in every great story… sex, birth, intrigue, death, murder, lust, mystery, romance, fondling, and war.

Should you find the tale too heated, or you simply cannot contain yourself and must take offense… blame it on the Fates, the moon, and this isolated little island of ours, where we love one woman at a time, bury our dead, and give names to dogs and houses.

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